Have a quick look at our founding members

Our Team of Global Entrepreneurs and Digital Disruptors can be found in many parts of the globe. Even before COVID19 it was our goal to form a remote collaboration with experts from various industries and skillsets. In addition, we work with international partners and developers. We enjoy our global perspective and all share a common goal of bringing business and customers closer through digital technology.

Our Fun and Visionary Leaders


James Shehorn

Founder & CEO

James brings over 12 years of sales, marketing and business development experience in the technology industry. With the majority of his time dedicated to creating and/or growing startups. While assisting a colleague in the creation of a video game, he discovered an area he saw needing to be addressed in the producer-consumer relationship. From this discovery Syndetic was born and the idea of COYNs began. After years of R&D he is excited and looking forward to bringing SYNDETIC COYNs to market.


Andrew Whitfield

CoFounder & TEchnical Director

13+ years of business development and startup experience. Created 4 successful companies based on technology and services, including web automation, lending, fintech and security solutions to list just a few. Syndetic will be his sixth startup.

Advisors To the Board


Abraham Milan

Strategic Business Advisor

Is a business development specialist with over 7 years in the security industry. He has several certificates in security as well as full-stack development. In addition, he is a co-founder of Angel wrench a non-for profit organization dedicated to helping others. In his free time, he loves spending time with his family.


Brandon Omorgie

Business Leadership Advisor

Specialist in marketing and business development. 10+ years of successful sales and account management experience for the better part of a decade. Technical industry expertise in SEO, SEM, Cloud Technology IaaS (Infrastructure), SaaS, Content, Management, Cybersecurity, Content Delivery, and Social Media. Founder and advisor of several companies within the media and marketing industries.


David Allen Cohen

Senior tEchnical Advisor

David A. Cohen is internationally renowned for his work in the Decentralized Software industry and recently in the Blockchain/Crypto industry with successful exits returning over $1 billion in capital. He is currently Founder/CEO of Taekion, which builds blockchain-based trusted networking solutions for Fintech, Defense, SmartGrid and others. David is working on advanced blockchain technologies to support Asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerant (aBFT) systems…..etc,.



Eric Deglar

Client Success Director

Eric has a background in business, finance and technology. With 10+ years of working experience in financial systems, information security and application stability, he has helped Fortune 500 customers with client onboarding programs by creating positive customer/client experiences and solutions. He has become well known for his customer success programs.


Cari Bishop

Senior Accountant

A career senior corporate financial accountant. A career senior corporate financial accountant.


Kevin Sund

Technical Writer / Content Creator

A diverse background in business services. Kevin has focused the last 15 years on information and Intellectual Property research. In addition Kevin has held successful positions in both customer service, sales and business development.