Our Product


Custom branded digital assets created for you and Created On Your Needs

Secure Digital assets formed on blocks using hash functions with timestamps so that the data cannot be changed or modified. 

Assets created specifically at your requests to integrate into your existing or future business projects and client functions with minimum development effort. 

New Behavioral Data

Reduced Fraud Risk

Seamless Cross-Channel Campaigns

For Easy Virality

Flexible For Increased Customer Satisfaction

Fast And Simple Deployment


Plan & Integrate

Implement a brand new project or integrate it into your already existing one efficiently

Design and create robust business and customer solutions quickly and easily for a variety of different markets and applications, customer loyalty programs, secure transactions…etc.

Simply decide whether you would like to integrate the technology into your existing business program or want to design one from the ground up. Either way, your process is saving you money and time, while improving your customers experience.


Secure by Default

Built-in security within our technology ensures your constant protection

Have immutable data protection and security from the very beginning. All the data is stored on the blockchain and/or your company’s servers. Syndetic never has access to your data.

Sensitive data is secured through the decentralized nature of the network that verifies the integrity of each transaction preserving its format and information.


Develop Your Solution

Our “Blockchain Now Technology” allows you to develop with the ever-spiraling increases of developer costs associated with the Blockchain​

Our APIs allow you to build your solution faster-using calls and posts that will create and access your digital assests quickly and efficiently.

Whether it is through a web interface or a desktop IDE, you can develop your project as a blockchain expert with speed and clarity.


Testing & Run

Easily and with securely have your solution run from the cloud on-premise or hybrid based servers

Once APIs are integrated they access the blockchain server where your digital assets are created and sent directly to you for implementation into your program.

Get all the benefits of the decentralized blockchain once your API calls have been installed.


Precision Information

Get actionable insight on how your digital assets are being distributed and used.

Create customized dashboards giving you all the information on how tokens and your other digital assets are being disseminated and processed.

Have real-time and tamper-free answers to anonymous client actions and decisions making directly related to your business.


Future Proof

The digital assets you create on the blockchain are yours to keep, own, and make use of as your business changes and develops.

The digital assets you own can be reassigned, redeveloped, revalued, however, your company needs them to create successful business programs and customer experiences.