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Who We Are

Tech Savvy Pioneers of the Internet looking to create positive change.

People and Technology enthusiasts, who want to make a difference, Syndetic, Inc. was founded in 2018 by James Shehorn and Andrew Whitfield. Since our humble beginnings, The company’s come a long way.

When James first started out, his passion for innovation and freedom of choice drove him to start creating a vision in which Syndetic Inc could offer companies and other interested parties a way to benefit from what is arguably the most innovative advancement in Technology since the internet: the Blockchain. Our first product COYNs®, digital assets created on the blockchain, and Created On Your Needs.


The Syndetic founding team has decades of experience in the technology industry and is a global operation, having team members in multiple countries. As entrepreneurs, the founding members wanted to build a company that not only was built on a great product but on great principles as well. From our personal experience and values, we came up with a core statement to drive our company forward. “We believe in a world where technology improves everyone’s quality of life without harm.” It was our original mission and still is our mission to enhance and strengthen the relationship between producer and consumer.


What We Created

The future of Customer Engagement

Our first product COYNs is a direct effort to bring all the benefits of Blockchain technology to companies that might otherwise be hesitant to invest in the technology due to reasons such as, cost, expertise, and time. Blockchain offers many advantages such as security, digital recording, and tokens that you can use within your existing loyalty or service programs or new and innovative programs of the future you create. COYNs are digital assets that are Created On Your Needs and you can use them in your customer engagement program. COYNs are secure digital assets built with they inherent benefits of the blockchain that we believe should be accessible to all businesses.

Where We Are Going

We have an aggressive and hip development plan for the future that begins with COYNs, which will be the first of many innovative offerings. This product has many advanced capabilities that we are excited to be able to bring to you. These include e-commerce plugins, an advanced dashboard, advanced metrics, and finally, enterprise-level reporting and exporting. Beyond that, our product pipeline is already stocked with innovative ideas to develop and that we are looking forward to bringing to you.


The Formation of Our Brand...

Connecting People with Technology

Back in the early 17th century Syndetic is derived from the Greek word, syndetikós, equivalent to sýndet(os), which means, bound together. Today Syndetic’s meaning is similar and is an adjective meaning “serving to unite or connect.” We wanted to bring blockchain technology closer to businesses and the people they serve to provide more security and efficiency and greater engagement between businesses and the customers they serve. It is our mission to take different and new technology and make them accessible in a meaningful way to consumers, which is why, we created our logo of two streams fusing to become one. You can look at this brand in many meaningful ways, but at the core of its meaning, it’s bringing together two technologies on one platform accessible to all with positivity.

We hope you enjoy our platform as much as we enjoy offering it to you. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thanks for your interest!


Syndetic Inc Founding Team


Our Leaders Bring Over 20+ Years of Experience in Building Companies.

Technical Expertise

Knowledge of the Blockchain, Security and Business processes to the table.


Client & customer engagement of the future will begin now.


James Shehorn

Founder & CEO


Andrew Whitfield

CoFounder & Technical Director