Replace coupon codes, points, punch cards and other customer engagement incentives with customized digital COYNs® across all your marketing channels.

Fraud Resistant

Your COYNs® are unique to you and resistant to tampering and fraud. Double spend exploits and coupon abuse will be a distant memory. The blockchain stores dozens of anonymous data points and metrics for each interaction.

Through the ICE platform, you can access this data to identify new trends and better serve your customers.

Engage Anywhere

Syndetic COYNs® are interoperable and available everywhere there is an internet connection.

By leveraging the blockchain for your customer engagements you can connect with your customers wherever they are; All in real-time and more securely.


Create an inexhaustible number of cross-channel campaigns for partners, re-sellers, distributors, Clients, or consumers. The limit of what your customers can do is set by you and your immagination.

Syndetic’s API allows you to have a single source of truth across all your campaigns and incentives.


Budget friendly and cost effective for any business from startup to enterprise.


Flexible and user friendly gives you the ability to create, execute and profit how you want.


Our unique ip provides a safe and easy-to-use platform for all you blockchain needs





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